Intro Video & Transcript

Hello there , thank you for choosing to tune in. You have been selected to play a part in what you are about to hear, that is if you choose to. My name is Torrey Desmond Rogers and I am going to tell you a short but mysterious story. There you are and here I am, so lets get to it.

Please excuse me as I read this story and thoughts from my R.E.L.M. journal.

I first met Daniel Torr several years ago…It was a chance meeting and greatly unexpected …he was a complete stranger to me…Daniel was 23 at the time and he shared with me a strange story as well as 3 very interesting items that were if fact part of a coded puzzle…clues to larger mysteries with the solutions manifesting miraculous things. 10 years to the day before I met Daniel, when he was just 13 years old, Daniel was in a hospital room suffering from an unknown disease. There, late one night while he was lying in bed alone, a mysterious masked man walked into his darkened room…intrigued but a little unnerved by this, he asked the stranger his name. The masked man simply replied that his name was Hayden and that he came to give him a gift. Hayden handed Daniel a medium sized painting, a page of sheet music and a journal laced with mathematic equations as well as what seemed to be some kind of coded instructions. He told Daniel that since it was late, he would return in the morning and explain the meaning of his gifts…..however…Hayden never did show up the next morning nor any morning. When Daniel tried to find out more about this mysterious masked man in the years that followed, he found nothing.

The night before my meeting with Daniel, he discovered a hand written note hidden between the canvas and the wood frame of the painting that Hayden had given him. The note simply read. “On this day, you have been selected to discover the Key to the ancient code that lies within the 3 items that were given you“. When this code is broken, the doorway will be opened and the compositions will reveal their stories to the listeners…document and record these stories in order to pass through the Threshold. At that time and place, a secret gift awaits for all who choose to believe and receive it. The Key is R.E.L.M. = 101


Daniel gave me the 3 items along with the note and asked me if I could solve the mystery surrounding them. He told me he would return the next day to see if I discovered anything ….I never saw or heard from Daniel again. This is the painting that Hayden gave to Daniel that Daniel left with me that now I am sharing with you.

With the 3 items and the Key provided in the note that Daniel gave me, In time I cracked the code resulting in the understanding that the translation of the coded message was in fact 13 unique musical compositions. When composed, A new music mythology had emerged, Some songs are remarkable, some are bizarre, some are down right eerie. Regardless, These musical compositions are now here for you the listener ….Consider these 13 songs a gift…They are available as a free download along with other options as well. If you choose to, I only ask for your participation to discover what secret gift Hayden was referring too in his hidden note to Daniel. Think of each song like a short film that is visible with your minds eye. I am providing a blog for you to write down or video whatever comes into your mind after listening to these compositions. The only limits are the boundaries of your own imagination. If you get nothing from them, then you get nothing. But If you get something on 1 or more songs after listening, please share any of your personal experiences, insights or video in the blog provided. It is my hope, that with your help and insight, together we will discover “The Secret Gift“.

This signal ends in 3 -2- 1.




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